Numerous Configurations for Exterior Folding Doors and Patio Doors

Solutions for your Indoor/Outdoor lifestyle

With so many designs and configurations to choose from including a multitude of custom options, finding the perfect folding patio doors for your project is easy! Whether you are working with small, large, curved, cornered, or unusually shaped spaces, we have the solution for you!  

Indoor/Outdoor lifestyle with

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so many possibilities with

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Add some charm with

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how amazing are

cornerless folding doors

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We love our

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Full Range of Materials and Finishes for Folding Patio Doors

A myriad of choices……

We offer wood, clad wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, steel and all sorts of hybrids – and there are multiple available finishes for each! 

Contact us to make your choice for your new folding glass doors!  We would be glad to answer your questions, give you more information and provide a quote.

Our 3 most popular

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wood folding doors and other exterior patio doors

Our naturally beautiful wooden frames are made from many different species of trees. Depending on the color and texture of each species, as well as the finish that is applied to them, the result can range from a rustic cottage-type charm to an elegant or even dramatic traditional flair

Wood folding doors are heavier and sturdier than their aluminum and vinyl counterparts and have the advantage of easy repairs for any small scratches and nicks. 


aluminum doors

Ultra lightweight but extremely sturdy, aluminum frame doors are energy efficient and require minimal upkeep. Although aluminum is naturally very durable, our door frames are thermally treated to further increase their durability, withstand climate extremes, and maximize electrical insulation. These aluminum frames will not warp or corrode with high humidity or weaken in extreme cold like other metals, and are also made to resist scratches and dents. 

Our aluminum exterior doors are available in a wide range of custom colors and finishes to match your project. You can even opt for a woodgrain finish so you can have the aesthetics of elegant wood without the hassles of upkeep!

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vinyl patio doors

Vinyl patio doors are extremely versatile, cost effective and offer excellent thermal performance. Resistant to peeling, flaking, rotting and corroding, vinyl performs best in more temperate regions where there are no extreme temperature fluctuations.

Like aluminum, vinyl can come in a large range of colors and finishes and is virtually maintenance-free.  Also, new coating technology employed by our manufacturers means our vinyl doors maintain their original colors and finishes for years without fading!

Our Beautiful Wood Options And Finishes

We offer a large variety of wood options for our exterior folding doors and other patio doors including:

Walnut, sipo mahogany, genuine mahogany, sapele mahogany, african mahogany, accoya, north american red oak, north american white oak, rift sawn white oak, quarter sawn white oak, pine, cherry, douglas fir, knotty cedar, clear cedar, knotty alder, clear alder, teak

Contact us for a consultation to find the best solution for your project. We can even match and blend with your existing wood to ensure the finest results for your patio door installation project!

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An Array of Beautiful Colors to Choose From

Our products come with a large array of colors to choose from for each brand, model, and material that we offer. With hundreds of custom colors available overall, we are confident that we can find you the perfect solution to match your patio door installation project as well as satisfy your artistic sensitivities! Contact us for a consultation, and we would love to explore all the options with you.

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Detail Options for Folding Doors and Exterior Patio Doors


full range of door handles and finishes

nickel, chrome, stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze, black, white, brass, umber in a variety of elegant styles and colors


security systems

The ultimate security and strength in locks with Auto Latch, fingerprint and other security system options

Centor-concealed-hinge-kb INSPIRATION

hinge systems

high-grade stainless steel hinges and hinge guards, concealed hinges, and rolling pivoting hinge systems


threshold options

raised sill to protect against water penetration, or recessed channel for smooth transition in a variety of tracks and finishes!


track systems

free glide roller systems, ultra-guide track systems with flush tracks, and staggered track systems for lift-and-slide doors

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retractable screens and shades

STANDARD OR TIGHT WEAVE retractable screens, and LIGHT-FILTERING OR BLACKOUT shades in a variety of materials to match your decor

AG-Pocket-sliding-doors-kb INSPIRATION

options for sliding pocket doors

both multi-slide and lift-and-slide doors come with pocketing options, providing unrestricted views and access to the outdoors


remote control

opt to control your door locks remotely via smart phone, and/or choose the convenience of remote controlled screens or blackout shades!

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