Geneva Collection Folding Doors From Win-Dor

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The Geneva Collection from The Folding Door Store is an affordable solution for individuals looking to improve the look and feel of their living space.

Doors that open to wide spaces like the garden, the backyard, or even the front lawn are fast becoming a major source of inspiration for many architects, designers, and builders. And whenever sliding doors or even folding walkways are concerned, we are Southern California’s most preferred one-stop shop for all things and everything about folding doors. The Folding Door Store has been providing designers, architects, contractors, builders, and ordinary homeowners a wide variety of door system collection like the Geneva Collection Folding Doors. And while we don’t design and fabricate these systems ourselves, we have partnerships with some of the world’s leading institutions when it comes to superb door styling and design. In fact, you won’t see anywhere else what we have to offer.

The Swiss Connection

The Geneva Collection speaks of high quality and superb craftsmanship in a unique styling that closely resembles that of the homes off the Alpine peaks of Geneva in Switzerland. With cozy and warm home interiors opening to the wide conifer lined tree lines and white as snow powdery slopes, many of these homes high up in the Alps can now be seen right in the regions of the Southern California. And while it doesn’t necessarily have to be an Alpine spectacle, the mere addition of high quality vinyl door materials can help provide that atmosphere of Swiss adventure. All you will ever need now is a rocking chair and a table filled with cheese and fondue.

It has never been always the case however since there are quite a number of technical challenges that one has to contend with if he were to really adhere to the design requirements of a mountain themed doorway system. But with the Geneva Collection of folding doors and sliding doors, coming up with your very own interpretation of the Eagle’s Nest or even the fabled lakeside chateaus and castles of the Austrian Alps is now made a little easier. One only needs to have the imagination of Santa’s elves to create spectacular masterpieces that successfully marries the warmth and coziness of modern day interior homes with the superb dramatization of landscape artistry.

The Geneva Collection provides homeowners with an excellent selection of high quality elegantly designed door solutions for a variety of projects. These are constructed of the highest quality of premium grade vinyl that are guaranteed never to crack or yellow even under the intense heat of the Southern California summer sky. They don’t require special maintenance nor care as these are very easy to clean and maintain. One only needs to dab a clean piece of cloth on some vinyl-approved cleaning solution and it’s as easy as wiping off the surfaces with the cloth. It cannot get any easier than that. Best of all, however, is that the Geneva Collection is guaranteed to last you a very long time.

Aside from the fact that it is easily maintained, the Geneva Collection can also be fabricated to suit any type of design that you might have in mind. This is one of the most versatile solutions that many architects, builders, and designers continue to seek. Even irregularly shaped walls and spaces are no match to the versatility and design flexibility of the Geneva Collection.

Choice of Colors

At The Folding Door Store, we provide the Geneva Collection in a variety of colors including the following:

Of course, these are just some of the most commonly requested colors in the collection but it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the limit. We do collaborate actively with our partners in designing highly customized doorway solutions for our customers. What we offer is a heavily personalized solution depending on the nature and type of the door being sought. This helps us discuss with our partner manufacturers the different styles and designs that our clients need. This helps us personalize things.

We believe that clients deserve only the best whenever they come to us shopping for the most ideal door for their projects. As such, we are more than ready to provide them with the widest range of products for them to choose from. We know how much they would like to have that dream home they have longed for quite some time. And we don’t stop there. We make sure that we help prepare the wall and at the same time install the selection in its proper place. This is our commitment.

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