Western Bi Fold Doors

The Folding Door Store prides itself of being partners with several of the nation’s leading manufacturers of high quality, innovative, state of the art, and truly elegant door systems from swinging doors to folding access ways to sliding panels. We have collaborated with these industry leaders to provide our customers with the widest possible selection of products of different materials and performance levels that they may require for their respective projects. We are the preferred one-stop shop by architects, home designers, renovators, remodelers, contractors, and builders. One of the most sought after products that we have in our arsenal primarily for its durability and clean, minimalist design is the Western Bi Fold Door system.

The Western – Clean and Durable

Western Windows Systems has always been known for pushing the limits of design ingenuity to meet the exacting tastes of today’s very style-focused homeowners with the ever increasing need for more energy efficient systems. Its glass system is made of dual pane low emissive panels with thermally broken aluminum. This gives it superb energy efficiency such that you don’t need additional cooling inside your home during the hot summer months or rev up your heating mechanisms during the cold winter months. If there is too much heat coming from the outside, Western’s Bi Fold doors are made of low emissive glass to prevent the transfer of heat from the outside environment and into the interior of the room. This helps cool down the interior and reduce the need for air conditioning. Likewise, during the cold summer months, the low emissive qualities of the glass prevents heat from escaping to the outside environment providing you with superb energy savings on heating.

Perhaps one of the most striking attributes of Western Bi Fold Doors is their aluminum construction making it super lightweight, easy to install, and, above all, easy to clean and maintain. Plus, the beauty and simplicity of aluminum as it provides a remarkable contrast to the surrounding landscape make it an ideal choice in many design applications. Add to this Western’s penchant for using sealed ball bearing rollers made of premium high grade stainless steel and you have what could very well be the easiest to operate door systems in the land. It also provides excellent options such as endless configurations and countless sizes, flush and water barrier sills, outswing and inswing capabilities, and superb and decadent finishes that are sure to bring creativity and imagination to the fore.

Its locking system is beautifully concealed giving homeowners nothing less than the stylish door to frame the magnificent open spaces of the great outdoors. The multipoint lock made of high grade premium stainless steel helps secure even the heaviest door panels guaranteeing protection and added strength. The head load carriers as well as hinges which are also made of the same high grade stainless steel can handle door panels that can weigh up to 264 pounds. Its mirror bottom load carriers and hinges can literally lift deadweights up to 176 pounds. Together with the heavy duty hardware that has become synonymous with Western products is the wide array of configurations and sizes. This provides excellent control for designers and homeowners.

Wide Selection of Options

The Folding Door Store prides itself of being Western’s veritable partner in Southern California providing residential homeowners and commercial establishments with a variety of choices as to their door projects. We provide the same options that Western Bi Fold Doors are known for all over the country. These include the following:

Some of the most common colors our clients have asked for include the following:

If you have a dream home you would want realized, then you simply need to pay us a visit. We have the largest collection of folding and sliding doors nationwide. The Folding Door Store is your one-stop shop for everything folding doors. From Western Bi Fold Doors to other top of the line door systems, we make sure to provide you only the best and most affordable products for any type of project. Give us a call now.