Jeld-Wen Wood and Clad-Wood Windows and Patio Doors

The Folding Door Store is the answer to the growing need for a one-stop shop for anything and everything about sliding and folding doors. However, it is not only folding doors that we specialize in because windows are equally important as well. Of course we don’t design and build the products that we provide to our clients but we do have working relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of both door and window solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing and elegant but are also made of the highest quality raw materials for optimum durability, strength, and thermal efficiency. One of our most revered partners in the industry is Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors, a company that has grown from the 1960s Iowa to being the employer of more than 20,000 people all over the world and with a formidable presence in not less than 20 countries including the United States. Such is the history of Jeld-Wen that The Folding Door Store is proud to be a partner of this American icon.

Family-Backed Expertise

When Richard Wendt founded the company in 1960 together with Larry Wetter, Bill Taylor, Gerry Wickersham, and John Biehn, they leveraged on their technical know-how passed down by their previous generations in creating and producing highly reliable and high quality products. Within a couple of years, with just 15 employees, Jeld-Wen saw unusual success that it was able to expand its operations by acquiring more advanced manufacturing facilities. The company never skimped on their reliance only on high quality raw materials for all of their products – a credo that runs up to this very day. In fact, this is the same ingredient that the company has been adhering to through all the years that it survived economic downturns.

Jeld-Wen Windows and Patio Doors

The company provides three fundamental types of patio doors, including

The company doesn’t only offer superb doors but windows as well.

The Folding Door Store is your one-stop shop for high quality Jeld-Wen windows and patio doors. Not only are we able to provide you with the widest selection of highly innovative and truly thermally efficient windows and patio doors; we are also able to help guarantee that the prices of our products are as close to their original price from the manufacturers themselves. This simply means that you get the highest quality products at the friendliest of prices.

Our after-sales services are also second to none. Our clients know us for helping them install their chosen door and window solutions. We make sure that everything is in its correct placement even before we finally conclude our services to our clients. And like the family-owned business of Jeld-Wen, The Folding Door Store also believes in personalization as this can truly spell the difference between excellent customer service and a mediocre one.