The Folding Door Store is always at the forefront of folding patio door options nationwide, particularly for the homeowners, designers, contractors, renovators, and remodelers. We take pride in our team of dedicated ingress-egress specialists to provide our loyal customers and potential clients with all the right solutions to a variety of their home entrance, gate, archway, and access needs. We work closely with leading manufacturers of highly specialized folding and sliding doors to provide every client the widest selection possible.

More and more homeowners today are understanding and appreciating the superb beauty of an infinity view from the inside of one’s home providing a sweeping continuous view with the outside environment. Just like an infinity pool whose edges are obscured by the horizon creating an illusion that it is in one continuous flow with the blue and warm waters of the open oceans, so does today’s sliding and folding doors providing a dramatic continuity of the great outdoors.

Homes and residential properties with a well-integrated indoor living space with the superb views of the great outdoors, especially if the scenery is one that is really picturesque, can command premium prices once up for resale. This design provides oneness with nature. Because large folding door systems that occupy the entire height of the room and the width of the wall can truly make for a breathtaking effect.

While there are plenty of technical challenges that need to be overcome by such an endeavor, you can count on our expertise to help you choose the best door option for the kind of scenery that you have without significantly weakening the overall structural integrity of the whole house.

Quality and Affordable Sliding and Folding Doors

These scenic systems don’t come cheap. At The Folding Door Store we make sure to work only with the leading and most reputable wide span door manufacturers to bring you only the highest quality luxury style doors but at a fraction of the cost. Because we have direct partnership with these manufacturers, we have greatly reduced the operational costs which would have been otherwise charged by third party entities and inadvertently translated as expenses to be shouldered by clients. We believe that high quality doors don’t need to be very expensive. By going direct to the source, we are able to gain an extensive understanding of the different doorway systems that every manufacturer offers including the different features of these systems and how they work to complement the natural beauty of any given home.

Widest Selection of Sliding and Folding Doors

Our partners in the door manufacturing industry continuously push the envelope of design ingenuity to provide you every imaginable style and design of door for your home. From small to oversized walls, standard to unusually shaped walls, these manufacturers have all the right competencies to design and fabricate unique door solutions that are a perfect fit to the kind you have in mind. It is this needs-based design and production process that we take pride in our partnerships that we have always been known to be the one-stop-shop for all thing folding patio doors.

Whereas our competitors can only muster one or 2 designs, our extensive network of partners allow us to build a wide selection of folding and sliding doors and windows. There simply is no need to look elsewhere because we have everything covered.

Just to give you an idea of what we offer, The Folding Door Store provides the following folding door products:

These are just the major categories of the types of products that we provide. Under each product category are subcategories that can literally include tens of designs. This readily expands the collection in the hundreds. Simply put, you won’t be running out of ideas with our widest selection.

Quality Service from Start to Finish

Installing wide span door systems can really be a major undertaking in itself. This is especially true if your home is not yet primped for such kind of door systems. As such, we will assist you in its installation and work with your general contractor or home remodeler, if any, on any changes that have to be made in your home to accommodate the folding and sliding door. We will be with you every step of your project to help you realize your dream home.

Give us a call now and let us help you create your dream home. Call 949-242-9710.