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Cleaning Screens

Open up your folding patio doors, and you open your room to an unobstructed, gorgeous vista that almost seems to be a continuation of your home’s interior. That’s the beauty of a folding door: no distracting frame or stationary pane of glass between you and the great outdoors. Of course, a door without a screen means that there’s nothing to keep out flying insects – definitely not a nuisance you want to deal with on a glorious sunny day. A retractable screen that works with your folding doors is a solution to the buggy problem of pests, but if the screen itself becomes dusty or grimy, there goes your view. The solution? Give your door screens an occasional cleaning. It’s not difficult or time-consuming, and you’ll love the results.

First off, never clean your folding doors’ screens with anything rough, sharp, or hard. While the screen fabric is durable, it will tear if treated too roughly. Instead, clean your screens with a soft cloth, cleaning brush or the softest brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. If your screens are simply dusty, a good wipe-down with the soft brush or cloth might be all they need to restore their good looks. If the screens are actually dirty, however, or have accumulated grunge worked into the mesh, you’ll need a little more cleaning muscle-power.

For very dirty screens, mix a teaspoon or two of gentle dishwashing soap into a bucket of warm water. Wet a soft cloth, sponge, or a soft scrub brush in the soapy water, then scrub down your screens, working from top to bottom and left to right. Wipe gently, focusing on any excessively dirty spots. Pay special attention to the bottom of the screens, where dirt, dust, or pollen tends to accumulate. Rinse your sponge or cloth frequently in the cleaning solution while you work.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the screens, you can let them air dry on a clear, warm day; or wipe them off with a soft towel if the weather isn’t cooperative or you are in a hurry to use the doors.  Voila! Your screens are clean and your clear view of the glorious outdoors is restored.

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