The Centor Collection from The Folding Door Store makes it easy to bring the outside in.

The Folding Door Store has been working hand in hand with the leading manufacturers of highly innovative, truly energy efficient, and premium quality doors and windows systems to provide residential and commercial clients the widest array of superb and truly world-class doors and windows solutions. Many of these systems come with unique and state of the art technology that marries improvements in thermal efficiency cooling and light transmitting capabilities to provide modern day homes truly remarkable experiences. And when your goal is to bring the great outdoors in your home, then you will definitely want the Centor Collection.

Responsive Door Panels

The Centor Collection is a very unique solution for wide span door systems such as those that are often found in houses with infinity views. The dramatic and often breathtaking landscape make any solid walls a nuisance as it obstructs the natural flow of nature from the interior of the house seamlessly integrating with the scenic beauty of the outdoors.

What makes Centor truly unique is that it features symmetrical, ultra-slim, and thermally efficient glass door panels plus high quality, high grade hardware that you simply won’t see jutting anywhere in the door frame. What you see is an unobstructed view of the outside to let the natural beauty of the surroundings to permeate the interior of the home. But don’t be deceived by its rather very simple design. These types of doors have been carefully and meticulously constructed to make it possible to operate each door with ease and effortlessly latch it.

The Centor Collection’s unique feature is its fully integrated screen of shade that seamlessly retracts well within the door frame so it won’t be dangling like ordinary door and window blinds or drapes. The same system allows it to be easily drawn as it does not feature any form of mechanical device which might get impeded during operation. There are no joints, no folds, and no pleats so all you get is one smooth motion of a screen or shade, perfect for blocking out the afternoon sun when it has already become unbearable. This blocks out heat from the external environment reducing the need for full air conditioning especially in the dead heat of summer.

Centor Collection Choices

The shades of the Centor Collection are available in total blackout for absolute light penetration prevention or in light-filtering shades of varying degrees often depending on the positioning of your door panels relative to the noontime and afternoon sunlight. The shades come in a variety of fabrics for clients to choose. Screens, on the other hand, can be either tight weave screens or standard weave screens.

The door frame is constructed of mixed wood and aluminum. The interior surface is made of wood with a choice of Mahogany, Alder, Fir, or Primed Wood. This helps maintain the coolness of the interior of the home especially in hot summer months. The exterior frame of the door is made of high grade aluminum and is available in a variety of colors often depending on the overall type and design of the house.

Currently, our Centor Collection is available in 3 different configurations. They are as follows:

With these choices and the superb craftsmanship of the Centor Collection it is no wonder that many of our clients actively seek the Centor.

Quality Services

The Folding Door Store is committed to providing all of our clients superb and exemplary aftersales services especially in the installation of the chosen Centor Collection. We make sure that if they already have a general contractor working on their project we are able to work closely with the contractor in the preparation of the wall and the eventual installation of the chosen Centor. If you don’t have a contractor and you are only doing this as a DIY project, we can still provide assistance in every step of the way to make sure that you get the best view of the outside environment while getting the reassurance that you have just installed one of the most thermally efficient door systems in the world. We believe that you deserve all the help and assistance you can get to make your dreams a reality.

We understand our clients’ need to create their very own dream home complete with an open and continuous view into their natural environment. With our Centor Collection, you can now bring the beauty of the outdoors right inside your home. Give us a call now and we’ll show you how.

To download the manufacturer’s warranty: click here.